One Summer review.

Here are some reviews for One summer by David Baldacci.

I thoroughly enjoyed “One Summer”. A touching story of a man dealing with grief and trying to keep his family together. This is a very different type of story for David Baldacci. He makes you really care about all of the characters. It is a fast, easy, enjoyable read.

This is a heart wrenching story, but also one that proves the power of love and determination and yes of miracles. It is for romantics and those who search for what life is all about, what people can do and learn and how they can change their lives. It shows the mistakes and tenderness that we all need to see and would find absorbing to read about. This is a book, a good story with all the interesting plot twists and turns of a mesmerizing summer read. Sometimes life doesn’t work out and then maybe it does. 



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Filed under Book Club, February Reading, Genre- Family/Drama

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